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dog bowl, feeding, dog walking sitting

If you’re leaving for a day trip, overnight, week long vacation or taking that bucket list trip you’ve been dreaming of and your pup doesn't mind being alone a bit, then our pop-ins are for you.The Woof Pack Tulsa can customize your care schedule to fit your pets routine perfectly. We can visit your home once a day to look after your cat or 5 times a day to look after your new puppy, the choice is yours.

Our promise to you!

Havin' a good time is ESSENTIAL. We don't stop till we get a tail waggin' dog.

Every dog's idea of fun is different - We're champs at meeting them at their level!

Don't just hear about the fun - see it for yourself via status updates & photos galore!

dog , feeding, dog walking sitting

Don't forget to schedule a meet & greet so that we can meet you and you can meet us!


1 dog


2 dogs


3 or more

Let's bark about it!

Rates + Info

Service Area

Browse our Nashville service areas below. If you don't see your neighborhood below, get in touch and we'll see if we can serve you - or we'll find someone who can!

Nashville Strong

The Gulch

Music Row


West End Park

Watkins Park

Hadley Park

Hope Gardens

Sylvan Park

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