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5 reasons to hire a dog walker

A dog walking service is imperative to your dog’s well being. We all know that exercise is great for the human health, and the same goes for the health of dogs too. Most people take their dogs out for a walk, just for relief breaks, but they fail to realize the benefits of walking their dog for exercise and their dog’s health. In today’s world, there are so many reasons why dog owners don’t have the time to take their dogs on extended walks; busy schedule, personal health reasons, or just wanting to relax after a long day at the office!

If you are guilty as charged, you should consider a hiring a professional dog walking service such as The Woof Pack to help you care for your dog – we are dog walking professionals after all – we won’t judge! Let a us make your life and your dog’s life better. You will have peace of mind with The Woof Pack on your side, we promise. Whatever your schedule requires, there is a Woof Packer who will happily walk your dog, when you are not able to.

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Dog Walker

1. Improved Physical Health

This is a no-brainer. An overweight dog suffers from heart, breathing and muscle ache problems. However, a healthy dog is fit and agile, with strong lungs and muscles. A dog walker will provide your dog with regular exercise that’ll help improve their overall physical health. Walking is a great form of exercise that boosts cognition and memory retention. It also helps to reduce: high blood pressure and depression, eliminates the risk of diabetes and improves general well being. And it is a low impact activity which isn’t harsh on joints. All are important health benefits that your dog will have as a result of walking.

2. Mental Health

Dogs are intelligent animals and just like humans, a dog who isn’t utilizing their brain, will not perform at their peak ability. When a dog has a daily walk outside of his property, he has a larger opportunity to engage his mind. There are so many sights and smells. The stimulation your dog has on a walk really gets his endorphins going. Therefore, it is easy to understand why a dog walking service gives your pet the opportunity to stimulate his brain and to experience new smells, sounds, and sights.

3. Channels Excess Energy

Think destructive behavior…like your brand new couch that your dog chewed to pieces! As much as you blame your dog, it really might be your fault. Dogs are like children. If they don’t have anything constructive to do, they usually take matters into their own paws. A hyperactive dog can be fixated with digging, destructive chewing, and unnecessary barking. Dogs see activities like this as a way of releasing their excessive energy. Dog walking provides a structured (not to mention fun!) way of draining excess energy and helps eliminate destructive behavior. It is a great and healthy outlet for burning excessive energy.

4. Social Development

When a dog is taken for a walk regularly, the dog walker has the opportunity to show your dog the world. Well, maybe the neighborhood, but to a dog, that is more than enough! Dogs can experience all new smells, fire hydrants, utility poles, trees – the word (aka neighborhood) is their urinal! And if you were to hire The Woof Pack Walking/Pet Sitting for your dog walking needs, your dog would be able to walk with other dogs. Imagine the stimulation he will get by as he interacts with other dogs on his walks. He will truly improve his behavioral and social development!

5. Maintain Weight

A chunky dog is super cute, but the reality is that an overweight dog is not a healthy dog. And that excess weight can lead to joint problems, back problems, higher risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

We know you love your dog and feel the need to spoil him with extra treats all the time. And, we get it, we are dog lovers and want to treat our own dogs as well. The best way to combat the calories is to burn them! Eating healthy and providing frequent exercise is the perfect formula to keep your pet in tip-top shape without sacrificing the treats!

Your Dog Isn’t Gonna Walk Himself

The truth is that dogs cannot be held responsible for their health. It would be great for our dogs to run around all day and get all the exercise they need while we are at work, but without someone to play with them, they usually take an 8-10 hour nap instead. And as soon as they hear you drive up the street, they perk up and wait (impatiently) by the door for you to entertain them! You walk in and find an excited doggie, wagging his tail, very energized and expecting to be entertained! The best way to have your dog exercised while you are working is to hire a dog walking professional who will be there as scheduled to get your dog on a well deserved walk.

So here’s our simple advice- hire a professional dog walking service like The Woof Pack to walk your dog while you are at work because he cannot walk himself!

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